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ThermaVein® provides safe, fast and effective treatment for the removal of red thread veins, otherwise known as telangiectasia, and vascular blemishes from across the entire body.


ThermaVein® uses a thermocoagulation process. An insulated probe with a 4Mhz current is applied to the skin causing the vein to empty. ThermaVein® then creates a seal by gently heating the vein wall, allowing the body to naturally reabsorb the vein. The low current ensures the blood does not coagulate, making it very a safe and sought-after, walk-in walkout treatment.

The treatment is instant, effective and permanent.

ThermaVein® is a recognised and trusted brand and offers an acclaimed treatment. With virtually no risk to the patient and with market-leading results.

• Safe, instant and effective

• Permanent results

• 15 minute treatments

• Anywhere on the body

• For men and women

• A safe alternative to IPL, laser and electrolysis

• Minimal risk of skin damage • Eliminates common side effects associated with other treatments • No bruising or scarring

• No loss of pigmentation

ThermaVein® can be used to treat facial thread veins, milia, skin tags, Campbell-de-Morgan spots, cherry angioma, spider naevi, vascular blemishes and ankle thread veins. The technology is also commonly used in conjunction with Microsclerotherapy.

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