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That ‘square-jawed’ look is usually the result of over developed masseter muscles: they are the muscles that are attached at the angle of your jaw and control your chewing. If you tense them a great deal – or grind your teeth at all – they become more pronounced and produce that strong, masculine jawline.

Many men and woman suffer for years clenching or grinding their teeth, it’s an involuntary movement which we cannot control , 70% of grinding and clenching happens at night when we sleep (ask your partner / spouse ) , or while we drive the car, watch TV. We don’t realise it, in fact the majority of my Bruxism patients (who clench and grind ) deny , as they have no awareness of it.

Wide or square jaws can be inherited genetically or as a result of excessive clenching/tensing of the jaw muscle. Individuals with bruxism, clenching of the teeth are at increased risk as well.

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